JJstreet dance school app
JJstreet school app UI/UX design project

Important notice: Before you start reading, pls note that the content below is just a summary. If you’re looking for a detailed case study explaining my design process pls check out my Algopear case study.

The nice folks at JJstreet school approached me and explained that they had a problem. And the problem was their method of informing participants about upcoming dance classes, booking classes, and also notifying users of prices was just not working. They needed a way to show their timetables and have it update in real-time, a way to show pricing such that interested folks could easily purchase class tickets, and also a way to explore JJstreet and dance-related news in general, all from within the app.

So we set out, they had a lot of skilled developers on their end so I had some room to really innovate on the interfaces. I came up with quite a lot of layouts, some didn’t work out, some failed usability testing but in the end, I came up with stunning interfaces that reduced the hesitation of users to join classes to a near-zero amount and skyrocketed their class sales.